Dealership Cleaning Services

Commercial and Office Cleaning Services provided by AJ Services, reputable commercial cleaning company that provides full range of commercial cleaning, janitorial services, office cleaning to Chicago, IL, Milwaukee, WI, Alpharetta, GA, Las Vegas, NV, since 1997.
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Auto dealership cleaning by professional commercial cleaning company since 1997. Auto Dealerships requires care and proper maintenance. You want your dealership facility to shine and to be clean, and be inviting. AJ Services offers you the kind of cleanliness that you need to portray the professional look you want while helping to promote a clean building.

Our commercial janitorial cleaning services provide you with a professional and friendly atmosphere.
Our goal is to make your space really clean and shine. AJ Cleaning Services allows you to flourish in a thoroughly clean environment. We respect your space, keeping it secure from the time we enter to the time we leave; security matter is our priority when we are servicing your facility.
Our janitorial cleaning service crew makes sure to lock all windows and doors, turn off all lights and set any alarms to provide you with the security you deserve.

Below is a sample specs of tasks we provide our clients with:



  • Desk tops, filing cabinets and counters dusted
  • Clean entrance door to private offices
  • Clean front entry glass doors
  • Hanging wall items dusted
  • Trash removed and liners replaced
  • Hard floors dust mopped and spot mopped where needed
  • Carpet floors vacuumed
  • Check for cobwebs
  • Window sills dusted
  • Computer screens dusted with feather duster
  • Desks wiped down – if empty (free of items)


  • Showroom floors dust and wet mopped – entire
  • Window blinds dusted
  • Wall switches and outlets dusted and periodically damp-wipe
  • Vents dusted
  • All baseboards dusted
  • Telephones and door knobs disinfected



  • Sinks, counter tops, and tables cleaned and disinfected
  • Cabinet tops dusted, outsides of appliances damp wiped, microwave ovens cleaned inside and out
  • Wall hanging items dusted and periodically damp-wiped
  • Towel and soap dispensers filled as needed.
  • Trash removed and liners replaced
  • Floors dust mopped and damp mopped
  • Wipe and sanitize drinking fountain
  • Window sills dusted (if any)


  • Window blinds dusted.
  • Wall switches and outlets dusted and periodically damp-wipe
  • Light fixtures damp-wiped for dust and insects
  • Vents and ceiling light diffusers cleaned
  • Marks scrubbed off of walls and baseboards
  • Damp wipe entire chairs – both sides



  • Toilets, sinks cleaned, counter tops cleaned and disinfected
  • Mirrors, towel dispensers cleaned
  • Toilet paper, paper towel, and sanitary napkin and soap dispensers refilled
  • Stall partitions, doors and tile walls cleaned
  • Disinfectant liquid poured into floor drains – if costumer required
  • Trash and sanitary napkin containers emptied
  • Trash removed and liners replaced
  • Floors swept and damp-mopped


  • Door knobs, latches, towel and handicap handrails disinfected
  • Vents and ceiling light diffusers cleaned
  • Wall-switches damp wiped and disinfected
  • Shop area: upstairs locker room – to be cleaned per schedule


  • Scrub, detail clean showroom floors - if any
  • Carpet shampoo of office areas - if any

Dealership Cleaning Services

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