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Understanding commercial cleaning quote

Commercial Cleaning Quote. These days lots and lots of businesses looking for easy way to figure out how much they need to pay for their business office to be cleaned. Below is all I know about commercial cleaning quote. Please feel free to comment. The cost of cleaning services varies based on the company you …

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Office cleaning services

How AJ Services works for you! At AJ Services we have the experienced cleaning crews that will meet your every need, and ensure that your office, conference room, or lobby look their best. The lobby is where your customer generates their first impression, and at AJ Services we guarantee to make it a positive one. …

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Building maintenance

Building Maintenance When it comes to building maintenance, the exterior is just as important as the interior. Little details such as pressure washing the sidewalk in front of a building can have a significant effect on the impression people create when entering. Building maintenance is crucial in the representation and reputation of the company that …

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Proper floor maintenance

Proper floor maintenance Floor maintenance plays a critical role in the reputation of a company when a new client comes to visit their building. One of the first things the visitor notices when they walk in through the door is the floor ahead of them, which is why it’s important to keep a nice and …

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Cleaning crews and building security

Crew vs building security. A commercial cleaning crew is vital to a buildings security. This is because the commercial cleaning crew has access to all the doors of the building, as well as alarms. At night, the crew has to make sure that all doors are locked so that no intruders are able to get …

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Pressure washing

AJ Services provides power washing since 1997 to clients in Chicago, Milwaukee, Las Vegas, Miami and Atlanta areas. Power Washing is a crucial key when representing the exterior of a business, whether it be an apartment complex, warehouse, factory, office building, etc. A neat, clean, and well-maintained exterior can make a very good first impression …

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Chicago Office Cleaning Company

Office Cleaning Company 03.15.2002 AJ Services provides office cleaning services, commercial cleaning, janitorial services and building maintenance to commercial businesses since 1997. Author: AJ Services AJ Services AJ Services AJ Services – Commercial Cleaning Service Company (AJCS) founded in 1997 at Chicago, IL – commercial cleaning company providing professional cleaning services to Chicago, Milwaukee, Atlanta, …

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What areas are we servicing ? - Nationwide

AJ Services has been a reputable cleaning company for over 20 years. Our cleaning company provides crews with the most efficient equipment and environmentally safe chemicals to use while cleaning. We make sure our cleaning crews clean your area like it would be their own, with the best quality by paying attention to all the …

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Cleaning crews to make a difference!

AJ Services – Office Cleaning Company Cleaning crew to make a huge difference in building cleaning industry! A clean workplace could increase the productivity of your employees and could enhance the image of your office building. Because of our professional, experienced teams and management, our crews work to the best of their ability to provide you …

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Janitorial Services

Janitorial Services – AJ Services Commercial Office Cleaning Services Janitorial Services Chicago Janitorial Services Chicago janitorial services team is ready for any size building cleaning. Whenever you need janitorial service for your business we are here to help. No matter what size the building is, we are always ready to jump start...

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