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Difference between Janitorial and Commercial Cleaning Services

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Difference between Janitorial and Commercial Cleaning Services

AJ Services has been providing cleaning services for commercial facilities, small and large, for over 20 years. From small every day janitorial tasks to commercial cleaning projects done a few times per year, AJ Services handles it all. However, there is a well-known difference between janitorial and commercial cleaning services, despite how interchangeably they are used. It is important to know the difference between the two in order to know which types of services you need done, and when, because the image of your workspace is shaped by the impressions visitors receive upon entry.

Janitorial Services

Janitorial cleaning services are mostly focused on the small tasks that a cleaning company performs on a frequent basis, in order to ensure the comfort and readiness for employees and visitors. Janitorial services are consistent tasks that keep the workplace clean. Some of these tasks include, but are not limited to:

  • taking out the trash
  • vacuuming
  • sweeping
  • sanitizing the bathrooms and breakrooms
  • dusting, etc.

  • These services are typically scheduled to be performed on a regular basis, ranging anywhere from seven days a week to once a week, to twice a month, or even once a month. Every commercial facility is unique, so the scope of work and frequency varies with every single client. The most important reason of hiring a cleaning company to perform janitorial cleaning services on a regular basis is disinfecting the office space. Most companies don’t have the time or personnel to take care of these janitorial needs during the day, so it’s beneficial a cleaning company comes in after business hours to disinfect the office and prevent certain things such as an unruly office space or germs spreading throughout the workplace.

    Commercial Services

    Compared to janitorial services, commercial cleaning services are based on bigger, and fewer projects done throughout the year. Examples of these projects include, but are not limited to:

  • carpet shampooing
  • buffing and polishing floors
  • high dusting
  • window washing
  • pressure washing
  • stripping and waxing floors, etc.

  • Since these projects are more in depth and labor intensive, they are not necessary to be performed as daily tasks, but instead are provided to spruce and freshen up a commercial space from time to time. Depending on the traffic in the building, certain types of these services are performed more than others. Most companies, no matter how small or big, look for these commercial services to be done on an annual basis to improve the quality in the office. These services are usually performed in the spring season when “spring cleaning” is in session, after the harsh winter season that causes people to track salt and mud everywhere into the facility.