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5 Reasons Why Choose AJ Services ?
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5 Reasons why your Business needs a Commercial Cleaning Company in the Winter

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AJ Services is a Professional Commercial Janitorial Company that has been servicing businesses from New York to California for over 20 years. Over the years, AJCS has gathered experience from all sorts of businesses ranging from offices, to dealerships, restaurants, schools, churches, etc. However, no matter the location, the winter season has proven to be the season that requires the most attention from Commercial Cleaning Companies. Germs, aesthetics, productivity, reputation, and safety, are all top priorities for businesses, for both inside and outside of their buildings during the cold winter months.
As winter time approaches and it gets colder outside, people tend to spend more time inside with each other. This results in the greater sharing and spreading of germs, ultimately ending up in the workplace. One way businesses can protect themselves and their employees from the dreaded flu season is by hiring a Janitorial Cleaning Company to service their workplace regularly in the winter. When a business doesn’t hire a Commercial Cleaning Company to help disinfect the workplace regularly, the spread of germs is inevitable. Soon enough, every employee is affected, ensuring workplace productivity to drop. If your employees aren’t able to work in a clean and sanitized environment, they can’t perform at their full capacity.
At AJCS, we train our crews to be as detailed as possible, leaving no open surface untouched. We make sure our crews not only clean, but sanitize and disinfect every open area. Unfortunately, as much as we’d like to think it’s not true, not everyone washes their hands after using the bathroom. Bathrooms in particular are a heavily germinated area that need to be serviced more regularly during the winter. From the basics such as toilets, sinks and mirrors, AJCS covers everything including doors and handles, partitions, dispensers and floors.
However, bathrooms aren’t the only area in the workplace where germs are heavily populated. Every employees personal desk is infested with germs, which is why we have our crews trained to regularly disinfect keyboards, phones, and open desk areas. Kitchens and breakrooms are heavily germinated areas that require regular attention as well because of the amount of people utilizing these areas daily.
Not only are the health and germ free work environments for your employees a top priority, but so is safety. By hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company to help keep your tile floors dry from the slush brought inside and carpets less cluttered with shovels and salt, there are less chances for an employee to slip or trip and injure themselves.
While safety and health are important, the work place aesthetic is on the list of priorities as well. Floors and windows take the worst beating in the winter. No one wants to be working in a workplace where they are distracted by the muddy tile or wood floors and dirty carpets. By having a cleaning company that comes in and regularly services these areas, there is a less chance for employees, as well as visitors, to pay attention to dirty floors.
However, the muddy and slushy mixture of snow, mud and salt is not easy to get rid of on carpet and tile towards the end of the winter season. AJCS specializes in providing tile stripping and waxing services as well as carpet shampooing services to rid your workplace of salty and stained floors, allowing a fresh start for the spring season.
Windows get covered in snow that dries leaving a nasty, dirty film that is not very pleasing to the eyes. We have professional crews designated to keeping your windows cleaned, be it once a month or whenever necessary. Although windows and floors take the worst beating during the winter, our crews do not overlook all the other equally as important areas in the workplace. Regular tasks such as taking out the trash, keeping bathrooms sanitized, and dusting, are still required as part of the service.
AJCS has been providing these services yearly for all businesses nationwide. Our company is continuously improving and developing better cleaning techniques to keep businesses as clean and sanitized as possible to ensure the safety, cleanliness and reputation of our clients businesses, year round. Hire AJ Services for all your Commercial Cleaning Needs.