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Common Area Cleaning Chicago, IL and Milwaukee, WI

Common area cleaning service for commercial office buildings, real estate companies apartment buildings and more. Common area cleaning service includes but not limited to:

  • Wet mop floors in hallways and corridors. 
  • Vacuum carpeted floors including lobby and entrance mats.
  • Clean glass inside entrance areas.
  • Clean all glass entry doors both sides.
  • Clean and sanitize restrooms. 
  • Clean elevator floors and walls.
  • Disinfect interior elevator control panel.
  • Clean conference rooms, floors, tables and doors.
  • Clean kitchen area counters, sinks, sweep and mop floors.
  • Wet mop tile floors in other office or additional rooms.
  • Clean drinking fountains and disinfect

  • 20+ Years of Experience

    Common Area Cleaning Service Chicago, IL. Building common areas cleaning services for commercial buildings, commercial real estate companies, apartment complexes and more. We provide diligent common area cleaning services for facility management companies Natiowide.

    Common Areas Cleaning Service

    Common area cleaning services for condo associations, real estate companies and more.

  • Office Buildings
  • Dealerships
  • Restaurants
  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Bowling Alleys
  • Hallways in commercial and residential properties
  • Power washing
  • Multi-Tenant Facilities
  • Multi-Property Maintenance
  • Full Building Maintenance
  • Medical Offices and so much more...

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