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Hard Floor Maintenance

Floor maintenance plays a critical role in the reputation of a company when a new client comes to visit their building. One of the first things the visitor notices when they walk in through the door is the floor ahead of them, which is why it’s important to keep a nice and shiny floor in your building to keep the good reputation you want. AJ Services has trained crews that know how to take care of all types of floors that leave long lasting good first impressions.

Floor Cleaning

Size of the facility

Whether your facility is as small as a dealership, or as big as an industrial building, shiny floors make a good first impression on anyone interested in the services your company has to offer. Epoxy floors are strong and durable, perfect for any industrial facility such as a hotel lobby or multitenant property where people are constantly walking around. Although epoxy floors are very common for their durability, they need to be maintained on a regular basis to increase lifetime. AJ Services has crews that are specially trained to take care of epoxy floors with the right products so they stay shiny and durable for as long as possible.

Industrial facilities

In other industrial settings such as warehouses or factory plants, concrete floors are very common. Although they are easier to care for than carpet, regular maintenance is also required. The amount of care required also depends on how much traffic occurs on these floors on a regular basis. In main entrances, the floors must be mopped regularly to keep dust from flying around and mud from being carried into other areas. It is also important to keep a clean work environment for employees to increase work productivity.

Floor maintenance

If your building floors have lost their shine, a good thing to do would be to scrub and seal the floors all over. AJ Services utilizes trained crews that know how to strip and wax floors to restore their beautiful shine. After the floors have been sealed and waxed, it is important to maintain them with the correct products so they have a longer lasting shine, no matter the amount of traffic walking over them on a regular basis.

Floor appearance

Overall, floor appearance is an imperative key in representing your company. A clean, well kept floor leaves a good impression. Some commercial cleaning companies use the wrong floor products to clean different types of floors which could leave them sticky, and even cause damage. AJ Services trains its crews to use the right products on the right floors to extend their life, no matter the season. Your building can count on AJ Services to create maintenance programs that fit your needs to ensure a positive customer and employee experience.

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