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Commercial Cleaning Las Vegas and Henderson, NV

Office cleaning, commercial cleaning and commercial janitorial cleaning services for Las Vegas, NV. Commercial cleaning, office cleaning and janitorial cleaning services provided for Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, and Henderson businesses since 1997.

20+ Years of Experience

AJCS do care about our clients and are known for affordable pricing and superior quality commercial cleaning service and janitorial service. We stand by all of our projects and make sure that the cleaning is done up to standards, it's consistent and client is happy. Office cleaning and janitorial services provided for Las Vegas and Henderson, NV.

Every each office needs professional and diligent office cleaning services to happen on daily basis, this is why AJCS is here on the spot to help to complish that. Our very well trained crews along with 10+ years in businesses supervision and managment staff is here and ready to handle any aspect of office cleaning or any commercial cleaning project you might need help with. Team of specilized and detail orientated people could make a difference, office cleaning in Vegas is what we do for years now, we also cover Vegas strip and all surrounding areas to include but not limited to: Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City, NV and more.

Commercial Cleaning Las Vegas

  • Office Buildings
  • Dealerships
  • Restaurants
  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Bowling Alleys
  • Power washing
  • Exterior windows washing
  • Multi-Tenant Facilities
  • Multi-Property Maintenance
  • Full Building Maintenance
  • Medical Offices and so much more...
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