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Office Cleaning Services

We love to keep your business sparkling clean since 1997!
Office Cleaning Service

Consistent Office Cleaning Services

We provide superior and reliable office cleaning services. At AJ Services we have the experienced office cleaning crews that will meet your every need, and ensure that your office, conference room, and lobby look their best. The lobby is where your customer generates their first impression, and at AJ Services we guarantee to make it a positive one. A clean workspace will improve productivity of employees, and a clean conference room will seem much friendlier. We work with clients to create schedules that meet their expectations, without compromising the quality of service to be received. AJ Services is dedicated to providing clients with a cleaning service that will leave their workplace in pristine condition, and create a good reputation. Best Office Cleaning Services provided by leading office cleaning company for customers since 1997. We are specializing in cleaning large offices since 1997.

Professional commercial office cleaning services provided by premier office cleaning company for customers since 1997. Click and learn more about our cleaning services today. Every day an office cleaning service is missed is another field day for all the bacteria covering your entire office, ranging from the bathroom, to the kitchen, to your very own desk. According to studies done by environmental microbiologist Dr. Gerba from the University of Arizona, the average toilet seat has 49 germs per square inch. But that’s nothing compared to your desk, which is covered by more than 21,000 germs per square inch! Since desks are touched so frequently, germs spread very quickly from one part of the office to another. It’s very important to regularly clean and disinfect the surfaces that are touched most often. AJ Services has been providing cleaning services for office spaces for more than 20 years. By hiring a cleaning company to service your workplace more often, the number of germs will reduce and result in less sick days in the office.

Some of the basic commercial office cleaning services included in the basic scope of work:

  • Trash and recycling removal and disposal
  • Restroom cleaning and sanitizing
  • Breakroom cleaning
  • Carpet vacuuming
  • Floor care
  • Dusting
  • Porter services and more.

  • You can rely on our expertise to clean your office, commercial or industrial facility so that you can concentrate on your business and its new opportunities! We are the reputable and trustworthy cleaning company you've been looking for! Get your FREE estimate and save big.

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