Office Cleaning Services since 1997

Office Cleaning

AJCS is cleaning offices since 1997 and some of the office cleaning services included are:

  • Trash removal
  • Restroom cleaning
  • Breakroom cleaning
  • Carpet vacuuming
  • Floor care
  • High dusting hard surfaces and above 6'
  • Building services
  • Carpet shampoo and extract
  • Exterior windows cleaning and more.

  • 20+ Years of Experience

    You can trust our company, as one of the best office cleaning companies we will make sure that all details are addressed in daily cleaning. Our office cleaning services will exceed your expectations as our crews goes above and beyond the cleaning specs.

    A commercial cleaning crew is vital to a buildings security. This is because the commercial cleaning crew has access to all the doors of the building, as well as alarms. At night, the crew has to make sure that all doors are locked so that no intruders are able to get in. AJ Services is a reputable cleaning company for over 20 years because of the trustworthy and responsible employees it hires, as well as because it understands that security is a top priority.
    When it comes to a commercial building so big with so many imperative things inside of it, it is crucial to have a crew that is reliable and accountable. A few ways AJ Services ensures that your facility is properly secured at night is by making sure all employees are background checked to make sure they have no criminal history and can be trusted. Drug tests are also performed to ensure that the employee is responsible. Employees are also ensured to speak English in order to get along with anyone still working inside of the building while the cleaning crew is doing what it is supposed to be doing.
    AJ Services understands how critical trust on a building is, which is why it is a dependable cleaning company that works closely with the Facility Manager to feel confident that the cleaning crew working at a building at night is trustworthy and caring for the facilities as the Facility Manager would be.

    Office cleaning services

  • Offices
  • Dealerships
  • Restaurants
  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Bowling Alleys
  • Condo Associations - hallways
  • Common area cleaning
  • Exterior windows cleaning
  • Green Cleaning
  • Pressure Washing, Concrete, Sidings, Walls, Walkways, Sidewalks...
  • Multi-tenant Facilities
  • Multi-Property Maintenance
  • Full Building Maintenance
  • Painting
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