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Office Cleaning Services

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office cleaning

We can ensure you that our office cleaning services will leave you stress free. For 20+ years AJ services has been a reliable, professional and reputable cleaning company providing top-quality cleaning services for customers nationwide. A professional office cleaning crew is vital to a buildings security. This is because the office cleaning crew has access to all the doors of the building, as well as alarms. At night, the crew has to make sure that all doors are locked so that no intruders are able to get in. We provide building cleaning for over 20 years because of the trustworthy and responsible employees it hires, as well as because it understands that security is a top priority.
Some of the office cleaning services included:

  • Trash and recycling removal and disposal
  • Restroom cleaning and sanitizing
  • Breakroom cleaning
  • Carpet vacuuming
  • Floor care
  • Porter services and more.
  • Reliablity and Affordability
    24/7 with Satisfaction Guaranteed!

    AJCS has undergone many years of working with car dealerships and leaving them in pristine conditions to welcome future customers in the morning.

    Restaurants require a different scope of cleaning scope than offices, we have crews trained to keep your restaurant properly clean 24/7.

    Schools are another area we have specialized crews in. With the amount of people walking through a facility such as a school on a daily basis, AJCS ensures to sanitize the building free of germs for the following day.

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