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AJ Services provides power washing since 1997 to clients. Power Washing is a crucial key when representing the exterior of a business, whether it be an apartment complex, warehouse, factory, office building, etc. A neat, clean, and well-maintained exterior can make a very good first impression about a business to its visitors. AJ Services makes sure to use advanced pressure washing techniques and equipment to wash exteriors such as sidewalks and parking lots from dirt, stains, and debris from concrete and asphalt, as well as airborne sediment from the exteriors of buildings such as brick, stucco, stone, painted material, siding, or other surfaces.

As good as pressure washing is for the facade of a building, it also gives the building a longer life. Not only do bacteria like mildew, moss, mold, mud, and others present the exterior of a building as unattractive, they also come with health risks. All of these different kinds of bacteria can form on the exteriors of buildings due to lack of pressure washing, which can potentially lead to long term damaging of the exterior of a building and affecting the health of everyone entering or being around the building.
AJ Services utilizes pressure washing skills to eliminate the risk of common bacteria such as mold and mildew forming, therefore creating a healthy environment for visitors and workers to perform at their very best. AJ Services ensures to power wash off all dirt and debris from the outer surfaces of buildings and sidewalks, reducing the cause for erosion and eliminating the need to replace certain outer surfaces.
Power washing is an investment that pays off with a spotless image and healthy work environment, as well as providing a business with a positive reputation. AJ Services power washes by operating only high-powered commercial-grade equipment with experienced crews to carefully clean different areas of a facility from top to bottom, with extra care to avoid damaging the landscape that surrounds the businesses building. First impressions are everything, and AJ Services pressure washing will help make one that will leave your business with a very good reputation.

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