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Free Commercial Cleaning Quotes

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Below are the current average 2019 janitorial services prices.

  • Cleaning of a 50,000 square foot office building could cost between - $0.05 to $0.10/sf
  • Office cleaning up to 10,000 Sq Ft - generally ranges between $0.09 to $0.16/sf
  • Offices cleaned via hourly rates (weekly or monthly) are between - $35 to $50/hr
  • Carpet cleaning depends on the cleaning method and are between - $0.05 to $0.30/sf
  • VCT tile refinish (strip and wax) will cost anywhere between - $0.20 to $0.65/sf

  • Free Commercial Cleaning Quotes

    AJ Services provides the best competitive and reasonable prices for all your commercial janitorial services needs by utilizing our skills, expertise, and many years of experience. We are the only professional commercial cleaning company that provides its clients with a free and accurate cleaning quote to get started. From regular cleaning schedules to projects such as carpet shampooing and refinishing floors, we handle it all.

    Pricing commercial cleaning quote starts with an evaluation of the client's office space. It is based on the facility size, frequency and detail included in specifications. This is all information that we need to estimate the time a cleaning visit will require to complete. Real 2019 Commercial Cleaning Quote Generated 24/7/365

    AJ Services guarantees to deliver a quick, professional, and free commercial cleaning quote after receiving a few basic pieces of information, such as facility type, square footage, and frequency schedule.
    Although every cleaning quote is unique in its own way, those three details determine the price for each individual business. Get a free quote for commercial cleaning services that best suits your facility based on the discrepancy between square footage or hours, as well as other accounting details that are requested. Quotes For Commercial Cleaning Services. Get a cleaning quote for all your janitorial cleaning services needs. Click or call 1-877-592-5326 today.

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