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Commercial and Office Cleaning Services provided by AJ Services, reputable commercial cleaning company that provides full range of commercial cleaning, janitorial services, office cleaning to Chicago, IL, Milwaukee, WI, Alpharetta, GA, Las Vegas, NV, since 1997.
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Restaurant cleaning and commercial cleaning is something we always loking forward to clean, we have lots of satisfied clients. We do our best to make every office, restaurant, bar, pub or night club to look spotless after the service is done. We really have great crews who cares.

Please go over basic nightly specifications which are included in all and every proposal:


Every Visit

  • Floor swept and mopped – deck brush used to scrub if needed to remove all grease – no scrubbing
  • Stage swept and damp mopped
  • All carpets, matts vacuumed


  • Window, blinds dusted - if any
  • Scrub all baseboard, corners, under cabinets or, and appliances
  • Wiped dawn all wooded walls around the dining room area - if any
  • Wiped dawn all wooden walls around bar


  • Wipe down ceiling woodwork - if any


Every Visit

  • Toilets, sinks cleaned, counter tops cleaned and disinfected
  • Mirrors, towel dispensers cleaned
  • Toilet paper, paper towel, and sanitary napkin and soap dispensers refilled
  • Stall partitions, doors and tile walls cleaned
  • Disinfectant liquid poured into floor drains – if costumer required
  • Trash and sanitary napkin containers emptied
  • Trash removed and liners replaced
  • Floors swept and damp-mopped


  • Door knobs, latches, towel and handicap handrails disinfected
  • Vents and ceiling light diffusers cleaned
  • Wall-switches damp wiped and disinfected


Every Visit

  • Lobby entry door – cleaned both sides
  • Dusting heaters and baseboards
  • Vacuum carpets / mats
  • Hard floor dust and wet mopped
  • Check for cobwebs all corners


  • Vents and ceiling light diffusers cleaned - dusted

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