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Mall Cleaning Services

Cleanliness plays a big role in shopping center, because it could be the final determining factor of whether a customer comes back or not, which plays a big role in the reputation. AJ Services has been servicing shopping centers for over 20 years.

A few common specs we specialize when it comes to clean shopping centres include, but are not limited to:

  • Taking out trash
  • Floor care
  • Entryways
  • Restrooms

  • Taking out trash is very important, mainly because most shopping centers include food courts. Food that people decide not to eat and throw away may cause a nasty stink around the garbage if not taken out regularly. Food also relates to floor care, as people may spill drinks or drop crumbs which could cause a sticky floor or attract unwanted guests such as mice. Floors also need to be taken care of because of the wear and tear they go through from the many guests that pass through daily. Keeping entryways clean is crucial because those are areas that people take their first steps in coming from the outside, leaving most of the debris from shoes in that area. Most entryways also have glass doors that need to be wiped down regularly because of the many fingerprints people may leave behind. Public restrooms usually scare people away, but AJ Services ensures proper cleaning so customers are not afraid to enter. To conclude, properly maintaining and cleaning a shopping center is crucial in keeping a positive reputation.

    Shopping Center

    20+ Years of Experience

    Shopping malls are a big part of commercial cleaning industry.

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