Short description of "subcontracting"
A business practice where main contractor hires additional individuals or companies called subcontractors to help complete a project. The main contractor is still in charge and must oversee hires to ensure project is executed and completed as specified in contract.

Cleanliness is one of the leading factors when it comes to keeping a customer happy and returning to your company’s business place. It enhances reputation because the customer may spread a good word, therefore helping fetch new clients. As a cleaning company, AJ Services finds it imperative that its clients receive work done at the highest possible standards. Here are a few reasons why subcontracting with different cleaning companies is nothing a potential client should ever worry about when appointing with AJ Services for their maintenance needs.
By outsourcing, our clients have access to more than one person, such as managers, or supervisors, in case of an emergency. Cleaning companies that have only a single person in charge may not be very dependable. If there were an emergency, such as a flooding, it is easier to have a cleaning company with more than one person to contact than just a single person who may not always guarantee to pick up.
AJ Services is a reputable Commercial Cleaning Company for over 20 years because of the subcontractors it works with. AJ Services only works with contractors who hire employees that meet all the above and beyond expectations it would require when hiring its own personnel. Employees are expected to pass all background checks and drug tests to ensure teams built up of trustworthy and responsible cleaning crews.

20+ Years of Experience

Subcontractors and contractors play a huge role in janitorial industry. Our company uses only TOP quality, insured and bonded contractors who match our requirements are insured and bonded for any commercial cleaning project.

Commercial cleaning services provided for commercial businesses:

  • Office
  • Dealership cleaning
  • Restaurant cleaning
  • School cleaning
  • Church cleaning
  • Building maintenance
  • Multi-tenant facility
  • Common areas
  • Commercial cleaning
  • Janitorial services