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    Leader in office cleaning services since 1997.

Office Cleaning Services

We love to keep your business sparkling clean since 1997!
Office Cleaning Services

AJCS is a office cleaning company that provides consistent office cleaning services and commercial cleaning services to the highest standards with the expertise and advanced equipment to perform customized cleans to meet every client's specific needs. AJCS has been in business for over 20 years, with experience in all sorts of facilities such as commercial offices, schools, dealerships, retail, restaurants, gym, fitness centers and more. We utilize the most innovative cleaning solutions to keep your office clean, and have developed a code of ethics to promote our professional approach to the top-standards of integrity, professional behavior, honesty and objectivity.

AJ Services Est. 1997

(AJCS) - Office Cleaning Company established in 1997 is entirely focusing on client satisfaction and making client number one priority. Based on long term experience (over two decades) in cleaning industry that have ability to improve the cleanliness of any facility with our unique proven methods we are following. You can rely on our expertise to clean your commercial office, commercial and industrial facility so that you can concentrate on your business and the new opportunities!

Office Cleaning Service

Office Cleaning

AJCS's top-rated, professional, consistent, diligent office cleaning service is backed by many years of experience and expertise in that matter. Our crews use a wide variety of advanced methods, safe chemicals, resources and advanced equipment to facilitate and expedite the cleaning process. Your commercial office building facility needs steady consistency to occur on a regular, constant daily basis.
Commercial Cleaning Service

Commercial Cleaning

You can trust our high standards and determination to provide affordable, reliable and consistent cleaning service that has been developed for over two decades of experience and will leave your office spotless! A basic or “regular” commercial cleaning services include dusting, vacuuming, mopping, trash removal and floor cleaning as well as secure the facility when finished.
Commercial Janitorial Services

Janitorial Services

AJCS conveys efficient ways to provide janitorial services while utilize advanced techniques and best methods as we value our customers by dedicating our expertise and attention to the all and small details. Included are all duties including office areas, conference rooms, bathrooms and lunchrooms and will keep your workplace consistently spotless clean!
All of the crews come with an extensive amount of experience and expertise behind them. While you might know how to keep your workplace cleaner, a professional office cleaner will know the best ways to properly clean, dust and sanitize.
Arrange a general cleaning program and you can be sure that our professional team will show up on a daily basis and be ready to do their job to the highest standards. Our cleaning company supply all the necessary equipment and supplies needed.
All of the crews are rated and reviewed by all their past clients they worked for, so you can see whether they have a history of excellence and you can rest assured that you’re not allowing a complete stranger into your commercial office facility.
Learn more about our custom cleaning specifications that will ensure cleaner, better office free from dust, dirt and grime. AJCS works hard to keep the appearance of your work space divine, paying attention to every detail by investing our expertise and effort.

Commercial Cleaning Services

AJCS is one of the top-rated commercial cleaning services that earn your business by respect, trust and loyalty. It’s always a content relationship based on monthly or yearly friendly agreement. The main thing that makes our professional commercial building cleaning experience stand out from competitors is maintaining professional issue solutions and remedies when needed, if needed in a timely manner.

Dealership Cleaning Service


Our company performs high-quality car dealership cleaning with a combination of advanced methods and customized solutions.

Restaurant Cleaning Service


Every restaurant cleaning requires a special scope of operations. We train our crews to take on any size restaurant to provide superior results.

School Cleanin Serviceg


Our nightly school cleaners are trained to leave classrooms, bathrooms, hallways, and everything in between, healthy and fresh.

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